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Best condom for paid sex
Bareback is always better, but let's face it; condoms are necessary for paid sex. I'm interested to know which condom brands/types do you guys prefer? Here are my favourites:

-Lifestyles SKYN (one of the best non-latex condoms)
-Durex Performax Intense (when I want to last the hour)
-Durex Extra Safe (the super-safe option)
Personally, I like Okamoto condoms the best. They are kinda expensive and have to be ordered online, but they are safe and super thin. I've tried Skyn as well, but I would pick an Okamoto condom over a Skyn any time of the day.
Skyn was always a great experience but you should always avoid Durex if you ask me. Several girls have told me that it doesnt have enough lubricant on it and it was unpleasant, yet when I used any other condom it was fine
Okamoto comdoms really are awesome but I find Durex and Innotex to be the best in the business. They have some awesome thick condoms that help you last longer and keep a lot safer, so no STDs will get to you and you can enjoy the experience for a lot longer.
I agree with you Rodolpho, I never understood what's all the hype about Durex. I guess you pay for the brand rather than the quality. But who knows, maybe Durex is right for some, it definitely isn't for me.
P.S. their lube sucks too, too watery..
Why is this even a question? As long as the condom is durable, theres no need to think about it.
It depends on personal preference I believe. As long as it's a quality rubber it will do.
I mostly use Durex condoms, but I never had any trouble with them. They are durable, comfortable (as comfortable as a condom can be) and the girls never complained. I don't know if you just got a faulty box or what, but I never experienced the problems you did.
Durex isn't a well-known brand for nothing. They aren't the world's number one brand just like that. Their lubricants are revolutionary, girls would rather take Durex over any other company in terms of condom-wear.
I guess if you pick the 'ultra safe' version of any condom brand then youll be fine if you dont have any special neeeds, the goal is to avoid STD and have safe sex

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