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Best Indie Sex Workers Currently Active
Appeal for the admins, fans, viewers, mongers, customers anyone! Forum 'Individual Sex Workers in Vienna' isn't broad with knowledge and I'd like to propose if someone could make a ranking list or descriptively go on about the best sex workers/prostitutes in Vienna.


I'm seriously thinking about visiting this beautiful city, and of course, as any other group of commonality, I'd like to visit the Red Light District. Not sure if that's a good area to seek for independent prostitutes, rather reliable and scam-proof, however logically it does make sense. If someone well-introduced to the culture in Vienna, a local or a stuck in tour guide can direct me I'd be very thankful.


All of the forums and threads of Sex-Vienna cover a majority of things thoroughly, except for this one, which I personally value the most. I have built trust in you guys, thanks in advance! P.S. Is it necessary to speak fluent German because I clearly haven't got the tongue-twisting capabilities to explain to a prostitute what I desire. much love xoxo
I don't really go for independent girls, I usually go for the establishments that have at least some reputation. I guess going the indie route could go either way - good or bad.
If I were you, I'd visit EVERY SINGLE SEX CLUB listed on Sex-Vienna and informally inquire some subliminal information from reputable nobles about well-spoken of girls walking down the streets of a rich Vienna, who're along the way, independent and build upon themselves, without exterior help through pimps or shady persons. I'm not a life coach or a personal advisor, just sayin'.
ye, odd that these topics are old of age, my attempts at reaching out for some of these chickens were unsuccessful. first i thought it's me, but then seeing this post, now I know that i arent alone here. this forum is in deseprate update in need of. sorry for my English, not a native speaker. used google translated
I perhaps could help. There's a site I found online eligible for business travelers, not to mention that it's specified for their use, easy navigation to find your mate closest to you. The girls are authentic, beautiful and curvy, depending what you like on her. As for the furthest process - sharing contact details to one another - not sure about that, leaving up to you. The link:
hey, it's me, the one which started this thread's gradual, fast evolving. tell me a bit more about the link that you copied, is it legit? I won't click on it until someone approves of it. Been scammed plethora times!
woo, nice! Sometimes straying off the course on the internet can be educational! What am I doing here in the first place? Not sure if I could support that question but since I'm here Imma make the best of it - so - my German is shitty, would someone originally translate what do some of these girls actually say?

beats the hell out of me, guess they generically speak like their other colleagues, but you'll never know. Btw buddy I checked the site instead of you and the coast is clear, have a nice trip to Vienna while I'm sitting her on the far coasts of US.
I think that link came from a simple Google search, so I'm not convinced with its reliability. Any dependable suggestions?

I was here minutes ago and I already found a better version of your crappy "City of Love". Let admins stake proof of it's authenticity
new wave of girls incoming, brace yourselvez ppl, the entire prostitution branch of the porn industry will prevail and itsa matter of time when will the tide of numerous independent girls hit. Until then, salut et c'il vous plait

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