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Backpage is closed
It seems Backpage is closed and now is showing an official notification of FBI. " and affiliated websites have been seized". Do you have any info about this action?
Yes, Backpage and all websites that have been associated with Backpage have been shut down by the FBI in April. I don’t think the main reason for the shutdown was prostitution ads. Some maniacs in America used the website for human trafficking. There was even a report of a guy raping and slicing a girl’s throat he found on Backpage. American authorities and anti-prostitution activists have been trying to take down the site for years. In fact, prostitution ads have been banned since the start of 2017.

On the other hand, the Backpage shutdown might force more girls to turn to street prostitution, especially in the USA.
Are there any alternatives to Backpage?
It had to be closed eventually. There were far too many illegal ads on the site for it to survive the US government. But there are inevitably going to be new websites that offer the same thing. Just like Piratebay.
A couple of Backpage clones have popped up since it was shut down, but I haven’t used any of them yet, so I can’t contribute on that.
The page the FBI put in place of the site is so weird and creepy.
This has caused a huge impact on illegal prostitution everywhere. There are many girls who used the site as their main source of income and now they are suddenly “unemployed”. I guess you’re right, there are definitely going to be more prostitutes out on the streets now.
Here’s an article about the impact of the Backpage shutdown on prostitutes:
The website owner’s home was actually raided by the police before the site got shut down. A few hours later, the FBI message went live on the site.
I agree, the main reason why Backpage was shut down was human trafficking, not illegally working girls. But another site where illegal sexworkers can place ads will appear soon. The only problem is that human traffickers can do the same and post ads there too. It’s a never ending cycle.
Who cares... they sucked anyways. Was disappointed in them lately, 'til their last minutes standing. My senses were telling something upscale untouchable will put a stop to their tracks, since the US policies and legislation regarding the web sharpened up, everyone was left with a cut or a bruise!! Craigslist over anything. #antinetneutrality

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