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BREAKING NEWS: Little Caprice will be in Maxim on Saturday
As you may know the brand new erotic festival in Vienna was scheduled to March 10-11 but it has been cancelled not so long ago. The organizers said that the already bought tickets will be refunded.

One of the porn stars of the event was Little Caprice, the well known Czech porn star. Sexclub Maxim Wien asked her to appear on its special event, Meet & Greet. The event will be held in Maxim Wien, Kärntnerstrasse 61, 1010 Vienna, on 11th March from 11pm. She and Marcello Bravo will perform in a stage show from 12pm.

Will you meet her in Maxim?

The news article can be found here:
This sounds interesting. Little Caprice is one of my favourite porn stars, her body is totally amazing. Xvideos has a quite good profile page of her where are more than 200 videos listed.
I remember that in 2014 she already was a guest in Maxim. There was a porn star gala with her, Carla Cox and GGG Adina. The latter girl worked in Maxim for years, unfortunately she left the business 1-2 years ago and disappeared.

There are few event galleries on Maxim website of this event:

It seems she did not change too much in past 3 years:

[Image: pornstar-gala1_4890.jpg]


I plan to be there. I don’t see any info about entry fee. Could you tell me how much will it be?
Maxim does not have entry fee, and I never had to pay any money to enter their events. This Meet & Greet also will be held with not entry fee.
How was the party? Was there a chance to bang Caprice?
What do you think, will Caprice be in Maxim again in the near future?
pimp2000, I don’t think so Sad
Right, this was a really special event, the festival was cancelled and Caprice had chance to get some compensation

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