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BREAKING NEWS: Illegal Sex Party Raided by Police
An illegal sex party was shut down by police in Vienna. Four prostitutes, four guests and the operator were arrested during the action. The girls will be fined for EUR1000 per each, the guest will have to pay EUR 500 and the opeator may be charged for humar trafficking and pimping.

Have you ever heard of such illegal sex parties? Or have you ever participated in it? Here is the original article:
I would never go to such a party. I prefer to give more for the quality!
imagine being there with your pants down when police barges in .. FML
I never understood why people chose to visit illegally operated brothels or apartments. Not only is it risky to health (and wallet), but something like this could happen at any moment. A cheap hook-up would never be worth the stress that comes with it, at least for me.
@20201 Im on this with you bro. I dont want to get no STD in a random room
that's exactly what they deserve!
For God’s sake, who the hell is visiting this kind of places? There are so many good sex clubs in Vienna that I will never have chance to bang all of their girls!
Do you know why these girls chose the illegal work? Do they had some STDs or what?
mohoe, hopefully they were healthy. In some cases such girls act illogically or have fears of police. It is also possible that they got fake info from pimps so had no choice to choose the right way of working as sex worker.

Anyways, if anyone has some info, please share with us!
Do you think that these prostitutes must return to their home country? The Cuban girl arrived from not an EU member country, but Poland joined the EU many years ago...

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