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Anita in Peepshow Burggasse - Guckloch
This short but extraordinary story with Anita will guide you through the world of Peepshows these days, introducing the pros and cons of these places and also giving you some tips if you decide to try one. By the way, Anita is probably the jackpot when it comes to Peepshows and this place is the best example you could possibly get. Have you ever visited one of these?
please can you take out the picture?
Why, are they your pictures? But they are on the website of Gucklock as well?
Yes are my picture and i know that the picture are on the guckloch....but when i dont work are not anymore please make them delete from here Smile
I saw on their website that you will be back in a week. I will keep the pictures and when you stop to work there totally, I will remove them. Believe me, a lot more people see it on Guckloch than on my blog.

See you soon! Smile
hello i am anita can u to take out the picture pls
Ok, I will soon change something on my blog with the pictures and then they will not be visible anymore to everybody. Do you not work in the Peepshow anymore? I would like to see you again Smile
LOVE the blog! Am coming back to Vienna next week and your blog is my bible ;-)
What can i say about Anita god, wow. Hope she's still in town, would love to meet her.
Anita, unfortunately, is not in town at the moment. Once she is back, I will update the blog post accordingly!
thanks for the update, appreciated hearing the latest on Anita..even if it's not the news I hoped for! Keep up the awesome work Smile

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