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AO Service in Vienna’s Sex Studios
Supertotti wrote an in-depth article about sex studios in Vienna that offer AO service. You can find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of AO and also how it affects the girls that currently work in Wien. Amongst other things, you can also shed some light on girls that will most probably going to start offering AO services as well as the effects of the whole AO craze on the Vienna sex scene.

Read the in-depth article here:
The time has come talk about AO services in Vienna and how they affect the pay sex prices and the girls that are working in sex studios. Also, don’t forget to check out the girls that we listed and are likely to offer AO service in the near future.

Read more information regarding the topic via the following link:
AO = Aids Only
I found this website: and I don’t understand what this text means: “So unterschiedlich Menschen sind, so unterschiedlich sind deren Vorlieben beim Sex. Ist es für den einen selbstverständlich beim Sex ein Kondom zu benutzen so kommt für den anderen nur Natursex in Frage. Klar fühlt es sich direkter, intensiver und letztlich Eechter an. Und darum gibt es auch eine grosse Nachfrage nach Ohne Service und Natursex und wo die Nachfrage gross ist gibt es auch ein entsprechendes Angebot an Huren, Hostessen und Prostituierten die Ohne Service bzw Natursex anbieten.”

Can you translate it to me? And is this mean that the listed girls offer sex without condom? Is that legal?

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