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A night out in Wien
Somebody posted a guest report about his night out in Vienna on the blog. Considering this is a guest post it is actually pretty good. What do you guys think?
Alina looks stunning on the photos, is that how she looks in real life too?
I'm in the same boat as the writer of the post. Regardless where my adventures lead me, somehow I always end up back in Maxim. I've had some terrible sexual experiences in Vienna, but never in Maxim.
haha, OKAYBAR! such an ironic name Big Grin
yes, Alina is super sexy in person too. Maxim pictures are always real and thats one of the things i like most about them
Motel One is the best! It really is as central as it gets - most mongering destinations are closeby and there are good restaurants and cafes nearby too.
I really want to visit Vienna and spend a day experiencing the pay sex scene after reading this post. Thanks for sharing!
Wien can be very rewarding if you carefully choose where you go. Visiting more reputable places is always better, especially with so many shady studios around. There are many online forums and review sites (such as this one) where you can find information about all sex clubs, studios, FKKs and brothels in Vienna.
Good information for someone who needs advice about hotels and motels in Vienna. Some of them are truly expensive while you can find plenty of good ones that are affordable, discrete and close to the best mongering points which is the cherry on top
(06-08-2017, 05:33 AM)Guest Wrote: Alina looks stunning on the photos, is that how she looks in real life too?

she obviously looks like in the photos. She is also back at Maxim right now, in case you were wondering:

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