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A Party Night in Saunaclub Funpalast
Funpalast isn’t what it used to be, but there are still a few good parties that can be attended on a monthly basis. These parties usually result in the club being full and many girls that clients can choose from. Not only that the saunaclub is filled with beautiful girls, but there is also a feast, featuring food options, such as pork chops, grilled sausages, chicken wings and even fresh salads.

Even if you are not a fan of Funpalast, it is worth visiting it when there’s a party. The atmosphere and the girls are totally different and most of you are going to have a fun time.
Great review! I'll be going to the party this Friday. I saw something about 50% on the translate was no help. Do you know what that means?

Keep up the Awesome posts!!!
Don't know about any 50% promo or discount but if you mean Funpalast then you will have a voucher that is worth 60€ - so 1 time sex with a girl of your choice. This means you have a 60€ discount on the entry fee.
Perfect! I plan on going early, so I hope the offer is valid for the whole daySmile in any case...thank you!
On that day this offer is valid all day and all night. Since it is a Friday I am pretty sure they will be open until 06:00am. Have fun!
On 24th may there's "Gangbang" in FP. Anyone knows what is exactly means and if the entrance fee is same as usual etc...?

That is a pretty regular occurance in Vienna's saunaclubs. The gangbang is done by one certain Videorudi and the whole thing is included in the regular price of 80€. So the sex with the gangbang girls is included but the other girls will need to be paid the regular fee of 60€ for 30 minutes and 100€ for 60 minutes.
Thanks. This clears it out. How many GB-girls they usually have there? For sure not enough to avoid looong line of dicks waiting eagerly, but any "guess" of that?
I was thinking the many girls for the gb...and is done out in the open or in a room with everyone standing around? Thanks!!!
I have my doubts about this, but what the hevk - since I'm nearby, I'll take my place in line too Big Grin

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